The Institute of Bio-medical Sciences (IBMS) is one of the academic units of the College of Health Sciences (CHS). As institutional organ of the college, IBMS is striving in pursuing the mission of advancing the health of the public through the three core business processes, i.e., teaching, carrying out problem solving researches, and providing community services. Currently the institute encompasses more than half a dozen academic and research units:

  • Human Anatomy
  • Human Physiology
  • Medical Biochemistry
  • Medical Laboratory Technology
  • Medical Microbiology & Immunology
  • Medical Parasitology & Entomology

Each of the units are involved in cross-departmental academic programs of both under- and post-graduate programs, given by all the departments and schools of the college. Furthermore, the academic units under IBMS are also running fully-fledged programs leading to accredited undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications in Laboratory Science, Medical Microbiology, Human Anatomy and Medical Parasitology & Entomology.

Our institute provides access to high quality undergraduate education that cultivates the personal and professional growth of our students and meets the educational needs of our community. We strive to provide access to graduate education that addresses the needs of our region, is meaningful in a global context, respected for its high quality, and delivered within a supportive graduate culture. Through our endeavors in basic and applied research and in creative activity, our researchers and students create knowledge and understanding that are transferred to provide societal, economic, and cultural benefits.  

As a vital part of the community, our commitment extends beyond our educational programs, research, and creative activities.  We work with the community to create a rich mix of culture, learning experiences, and entertainment that educates and enriches the lives of our citizens.


Advancing the health of the Ethiopian people through quality education, problem based and innovative research and community service.


  Sharing the vision of MU- CHS, we aspire to become one of the top 20 African centres of excellence in Bio-medical Sciences education, research and community service by 2025. 

 Complete address:

Institute of Biomedical Sciences
College of Health Sciences
Mekelle University
Tel: +251344416696
Fax: +251344416681
P. O. Box: 1871
Mekelle, Ethiopia