The Department of Pharmacy was established as one academic constituent in the Mekelle University system in 2004. The Department accepted its first batch in 2005. In the ensuing years, the department has focused mainly on developing its human capacity and already gained a good ground with this regard. Having attained a level of human resources that could sustain almost all of its functional academic units, the department has now turned its focus towards improving the quality of its education and the diversity of its community services. As part of the nationally harmonized move to revise the curricula of Pharmacy education in Ethiopia, the department revised its curriculum in 2008. The new curriculum was designed benchmarking the global context of pharmaceutical education and practice adopting patient-centred philosophy as its central value. Currently, the department is running a 5 year undergraduate B. Pharm program with a one year clerkship. The department of pharmacy is a home to six functional academic units, via which it offers all the professional Pharmacy courses. In addition to the undergraduate program, the department offers three master’s degree programs. The course and research teams at the department are:

  • Pharmaceutics Course and Research Team
  • Pharmacognosy Course and Research Team
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry Course and Research Team
  • Pharmacology and Therapeutics Course and Research Team
  • Pharmacoepidemiology and Social Pharmacy Course and Research Team
  • Clinical Pharmacy Course and Research Team

The department has also been actively involved in research and community services with the help of financial support from different sources including MU-CHS recurrent budget and NORAD project as well as from external sources like the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology, Science and Technology Commission of the Tigray Regional State, and International Foundation for Science (IFS). The community services at the department have recently been heralded by the establishment of a model community pharmacy in Mekelle city with the aim of modeling the pharmacy services currently available to the community while diversifying practical attachment sites for students. The department has been taking the necessary steps to build its capacity with regard to human resource, equipments and laboratory facilities.Currently, the department is running three Masters Programs in Pharmaceutics, Pharmacognosy and Pharmacology and Toxicology in addition to its B.Pharm programme for both regular and in-service students. Furthermore, having attained all the minimum requirements to open postgraduate programme, the department will launch new Masters Programmes in Pharmaceutical Analysis and Quality Assurance and Master of Science in Medicinal Chemistry in 2016/2017 academic year.    


The department aspires to be the leading center of excellence in pharmacy practice and research by 2025 in Ethiopia.


In line with the mission of Mekelle University, the department of pharmacy will:

  • Provide excellence in the education and training of pharmacy professionals
  • Promote the growth and development of competent pharmacy personnel 
  • Ensure safe and evidence based drug therapy to patients
  • Conduct and collaborate with medication and drug research to improve quality of life 
  • Utilize technology to facilitate safe and efficient use of medications for patients, improve staff satisfaction, and enhance clinical practice.


Department of Pharmacy
College of Health Sciences
Mekelle University
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P.o.Box: 1871
Mekelle, Ethiopia