The Ayder Referral Hospital commenced rendering its referral and non-referral services in 2008 to the 8million population in its catchment areas of the Tigray, Afar and South-eastern parts of the Amhara Regional States. It provides a broad range of medical services to both in and out patients of all age groups. As such, the Hospital can be designated as the most advanced medical facility, by all accounts, in the Northern part of the country and that it stands as the second largest hospital in the nation. With the total capacity of about 500 inpatient beds in four major departments and other specialty units, the Ayder Referral Hospital is also used as a teaching hospital for the College of Health Sciences, Mekelle University.

Having above 45 specialists in the various areas of medical specializations and fairly adequate numbers of all the other health professionals constituting the health care team, the Hospital is now emerging as a shinning hot-spot for advanced medical care and treatment in the Northern parts of Ethiopia. With the day-by-day rising patient flow that has already exceeded 100,000 per year, the Ayder Referral Hospital has made remarkable achievements in equipping itself with advanced medical equipments, supplies and facilities over the last four years. The recently commissioned medical equipments like endoscopy and electron cardiograph (EKG) heralded the launching of new services in the hospital, the former being the only of its kind in this part of the country.        

Situated in the beautiful University campus of Ayder, the Ayder Referral Hospital runs all the specialized/non-specialized hospital services including medical, surgical, emergency, laboratory, pharmacy, X-ray, and pathology while preparations are underway to launch post-mortem/forensic medicine services. The hospital’s four-winged, four-story, giant and complex building, on to which the finest architectural credo of “Quality by Design” is said to have been truly reflected, indeed constitutes what amounts to be one of Ethiopia’s engineering treasuries.


To be the center of excellence in clinical teaching, tertiary health care services and clinical research in the country.  


To provide patient centered high quality health care services.

To produce qualified medical and health science graduates. 

To integrate health care service with clinical teaching. and research to satisfy the health care and education needs of the society. 



Complete address:

Ayder Referral Hospital

College of Health Sciences

Mekelle University 1871

Tel: +251344416691

Fax: +251344416681

Mekelle, Ethiopia