Department of reproductive health is one of seven departments in the School. Under the department of reproductive health there are total of 6 assistant professors, 1 lecturer and 1 assistant lecturer. The two new PhD graduates are members of the department. Two other members are also expected to defend their thesis in the near future.

The department offers different courses to undergraduate and post graduate students. The courses under different programs include: reproductive health, population and development, demographic methods and population studies, adolescence and adolescent health, maternal health, child health and family planning.

Currently, one post graduate program (MPH in RH) is undergoing under the department. There is also an additional assignment which is adding the HIV/AIDS, SRH and life skill course into the University’s curriculum. As part of executing this new assignment from the Ministry of Education, the staff members have been making relentless efforts in performing the required preliminary preparations. They successfully are engaged to undertake the process of delivering comprehensive HIV/AIDS, SRH and Gender course for all 1st year students at MU.