The goal of health care services provision is to improve health outcomes in the population and to respond to people’s expectations, while reducing inequalities in both health and responsiveness. The health care needs of the population should be met with the best possible quantity and quality of services produced at minimum costs. Types of inputs in health service provision largely determine production costs.

Health service provision focuses on three areas:

(a) Health system inputs,

(b) Organizational structure and processes, and

(c) The quantity and quality of personal and non-personal health services in relation to health care needs of population. The outcomes of health service delivery process will be captured by the measurement of the overall level and the distribution of health.

Some of the important activities associated with this thematic area are:

    • Challenges to the health system

    • Qualitative and quantitative assessment of health professionals skills

    • Intra and inter professionals communication in health institutions

    • Patient satisfaction

    • Community need assessments in improving the health sector

    • Development of new methods for diagnosis and management of diseases

    • Professional ethics

    • Quality of pharmaceutical products and medical supplies

    • Rational use of medication

    • Develop new technology and health products

    • Evidence based prioritization of health care

    • Health economics (economization of medical, pharmaceutical and nursing cares)

    • Assessment of therapeutic outcomes

    • Safety and effectiveness of health care

    • Early assessment of public health problems and their measurement

    • Primary health care service

Research done under this thematic area will help to meet the specified ten objectives set by Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Growth and Transformation Plan 2010/2011 – 2014/2015 Health Sector Development Plan.CHS is also convinced that its involvement in research and development in the pharmaceutical industry and traditional medicine will have an ultimate implication in the quality of health care provision. As improving the capacity of the indigenous pharma-industry is one of the priority elements of the GTP and since our college has the personnel capacity to undergo research and development in this arena, we have included one project dedicated to pharmaceutical R & D and traditional medicine.