In this regard, Dignity Period Project provides menstrual education and menstrual hygiene management materials for adolescent schoolgirls in the Tigray and Afar Regions. The Project also provides education on menstruation to male students, recognizing that both males and females must have adequate knowledge about human reproduction and the challenges it poses for both sexes. The menstrual hygiene kits supplied by this project include 2 pair of underwear and 4 locally-produced, environmentally-friendly, re-usable menstrual pads that last up to two years.

This intervention is breaking down long-standing cultural taboos regarding menstruation. It is having an important impact on changing local attitudes towards this normal biological process. Research carried out by Mekelle University has demonstrated a substantial reduction in school absences among girls participating in this project. This is great news for our country and will have a big impact in the future.


One of the hallmarks of this project is that it is targeting hard-to-reach rural schools. Many of these schools cannot even be reached by four-wheel-drive vehicles. The Project staffs have often had to travel on foot. Although the project only started in earnest in 2016 in Tigray and in Nov 2017 in Afar, so far it has reached over 205,677 students in 347 schools (271 in Tigray & 76 in Afar). The project has reached all(7) zones and all (52)administrative weredas of Tigray. Similarly, it has covered   3 zones and 13 weredas of Afar Regions .


Considering the efficient performances of the project, in addition to the steady financial supports for DPP, ETHIOPIAID UK has supported three new-brand hardtop vehicles supported for College of Health Sciences of Mekelle University, specifically for Dignity Period Project works. The total coast of the vehicles is estimated about 10 million Ethiopian Birr.