As part of the monthly Enlightenment forum at Ayder, experience sharing on ‘The power of Reading and Writing’ was held on August 31, 2018 at Ayder Campus.

It is believed to be worth noting to discuss about the power of reading and writing for the mere fact that these engagements are one of the many which they can be best instruments to empower oneself and to bring about social development.

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                                         Mr. Muluworku Kidanemariam presenting at the forum

Therefore, for his lifetime passion and experience towards reading and writing, Mr. Muluworki Kidanemariam was guest speaker to share his wisdom and best experience on the stated theme for discussion. Mr. Muluworki Kidanemariam is well known teacher, economist, historian, voracious reader and writer. Thus, the speaker tries to address on the philosophical and practical aspects of what a reading and writing has got to do with human life. Accordingly, so long as going with time is living, especially reading will complete our living and it acquires our choice of life said Mr. Muluworki. Moreover, people who don’t read cannot be political society they may rather be moral society so we shall read to live, added the speaker.

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                      Participants attending the forum

The need and importance of reading and writing has been also accentuated in very appealing and different dimensions by the speaker. On the occasion, Mr. Muluworki mentioned renown and  voracious readers such as Abrham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Albert Ainstein and others who have had significant contribution to human life and the world because they found to be well read and immerse in to the power of reading and writing. Hence, he asserted that we shall make reading our daily culture for it will lead us in to rational thinking and success.

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Finally, the participants have asked the speaker taking his experience and passion in to account, and subsequently his lived reading and writing experience was shared in such enlightening articulation. At the end, after giving a certificate of recognition to Mr. Muluworki, an overview of the session and closing remark was given by Dr. Amanuel, Chief Executive Director of Ayder Comprehensive Specialized Hospital. And he also extends his gratitude to the invited speaker, the organizers and the participants.

"The real purpose of book is to trap the mind into doing its own thinking." Christopher Morley as quoted at Mr. Muluworki's presentation.