College/ Institute Department/School 3rd degree
EiT-M School of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering ·     Energy
CNCS Earth Sciences ·      Hydrogeology
Biology ·      Biology(Ecology)
. PhD in Aquatic and Fish  Ecology
.  PhD in Animal Ecology
·    PhD in Environment and Ecolog
·    PhD in Microbial Ecology
·    PhD in Plant Ecology
Sport Sciences ·      Sport Science
·      Sport Management
·      Exercise Physiology
CHS Nursing ·    PhD in Nursing
·    PhD in Clinical Research
School of Public Health ·      Public Health
CDANR Land Resources Management and Environmental Protection Soil Science
Dry Land Crop and Horticulture Science Plant Breading and Seed Systems
Natural Resource Economics and Management Climate Change and Rural Development
CSSL History and Heritage Management History and Cultural Studies
ICS   Climate and Food Systems
  Climate and Forest Resources