Digital and System Library

The Digital Libraries Service is responsible for developing innovative digital services and Institutional Repository in collaboration with MU scholars and other external stakeholders. This team establishes a premier infrastructure for digital libraries using which the Library provide its user electronic resources on various disciplines through Library Web Page. This team also identifies and manages digital library projectas well as undertake special digitization projects that bring Ethiopia’s unique and rare collections to researcher, scholars and students of Mekelle University. Therefore, the team strives to provides, manages and maintains access to digital information through the effective use of computing technologies as well as integrating all library information management system.

Collection Management

The collection management service team is responsible for strategically developing and managing the collections of the MU Libraries. This team devotes special attention to strengthening Library collections that meet user’s evolving needs and expectations and thereby supports the key strategic goal of the MU’s Library. In addition to acquiring relevant and inspiring collections, this team performs customized cataloguing for library materials to maintain the integrity and service ability of the library catalogue. Moreover, the team is also responsible for preserving and conserving rare and special library collection for future use. The Collection Management division has the following units

The Acquisitions Services is responsible for the ordering, receiving and organizing all library materials added to the University Libraries' collections. Library materials are selected and acquired according to established standards, policies and procedures to ensure/provide effective library services and to respond information needs of users. Library Users can make suggestions for the material to be acquired to the library either with the Acquisition Requisition Form on the Library Homepage

The Cataloguing service is responsible for the processing and organizing of information resources selected by the University Libraries and adding this information to the University Libraries' Online Catalogue ( In addition, it maintains the integrity of the catalogue by updating bibliographic information and holdings, and prepares materials for the shelves. The cataloguing section also prepares and periodically disseminates electronically accession lists to the University community as part of its regular services.

Libraries and Location


Name of the library



Dry Land Agriculture and Natural Science Library

Endayesus Main Campus


Natural and Computational Science Library

Endayesus Main Campus


Ethiopian Institute of technology Mekelle (EiT-M) Library

Endayesus Main Campus


Undergraduate Library

Adi-Haqi Campus


Postgraduate Library

Adi-Haqi Campus


Law and Governance Library

Adi-Haqi Campus


Health Science Library

Ayder Campus


MIT Library

Aynalem campus


Veterinary Library

Qalamino Campus