Graduates holding undergraduate degree from recognized institutions of higher learning may apply for admission into a summer/in-service or distance graduate programs of the university. Applicants to such programs should:

  1. Have a minimum CGPA of 2.00 in their undergraduate degree program and pass the entrance examination set by the specific academic unit the student is applying for.
  2. Have no “F”,” I” or “NG” grades in their records.
  3. Deliver official copies of their records to the registrar before their applications are sent to their respective academic units.
  4. Produce a sponsorship letter from their sponsoring organization(s) or deposit, in cash, tuition fee for the semester they are applying for prior to registration if they are self- sponsored.
  5. Produce a leave of absence from their employers for the study period if not self sponsored.
  6. Meet the special requirements of the academic unit the student is applying for.