1. Admission to all undergraduate degree programs with advanced standing level i.e., one who has completed a two year diploma program after grade 12 or one who finished 10+3 or an equivalent certificate and passed the national COC exam or who passed an entrance exam
  2. Graduates holding diploma or degree from institutions of higher learning recognized by the Ethiopian Ministry of Education may seek admission into the regular degree programs of the University if they have:
    1. A minimum CGPA of 2.5 or its equivalent
    2. No “F”,”NG”, or “I” grades in their records.
    3. Deliver official copies of their records to the registrar before their applications are sent to their respective academic units.
    4. Meet the special requirements of the academic unit applying for, if any.
    5. Pass an entrance exam prepared by the respective academic unit
  3. The number of advanced standing students to be admitted shall be determined by the respective departments.