1. Matured age students are students who do not qualify for admission to the University per the stated admission criteria stated in this legislation into the various programs, but have enough work experience in the area they intend to join.
  2. Matured age admission is not a right but a privilege given to applicants to encourage competent, intelligent and hard working individuals on a competitive basis.
  3. Admission of matured age students shall be based on recommendations from relevant bodies, entrance exam and work experience.
  4. The following are the selection criteria:
    1. Relevance of the field of study intended for admission to current occupation and work experience.
    2. Year of service in related area not less than 10 years.
    3. Age at the time of application shall be 45 or above.
    4. Pass entrance exam set by the department to which the applicant is applying.
    5. Produce recommendation from the employer at the time of application.
    6. Priority shall be given to the Employees of the higher education, Research and education institutions.
  5. Matured age admission applies to all undergraduate programs of the University (i.e. Regular, Evening, and all categories of In-service training).
  6. The number of matured age admissions into a specific program of the University with in an academic year shall not exceed 5% of the total intake capacity of the department. However the Senate may vary the number when necessary