The 4th International Enno Littmann Conference took place at the traditional and renown Tuebingen University in southern Germany from 1 to 4 April 2014, with strong participation from Mekelle University.

Pic. 1. Official welcome by Tübingen University, with President Abay Woldu

Pic 2. Opening of the 4th International Enno Littmann Conference at Tübingen University by President Abay Woldu

The conference was opened by the President the Regional Government of Mr. Abay Woldu, who was accompanied by MU president Dr. Kindeya Gebrehiwot and the General Manager of the Culture and Tourism Agency Mr. Kebede Amare. This conference series focuses on ancient history, archaeology, philology and cultural studies in northeastern Africa and neighbors, the fields of study of Enno Littmann, who had inaugurated serious studies on ancient history of the region by the German Aksum Expedition in 1906.

Pic 3. MU President Dr Kindeya Gebrehiwot chairing during the 4th International Enno Littmann Conference

The conference has a traditionally strong participation from Ethiopia, Eritrea, Yemen and other countries of the region. It was founded in 2002 by Professor Steffen Wenig, with a first conference carried out in Munich, then in 2006 in Aksum, in 2009 in Berlin, and now at Tuebingen University, where Enno Littmann had his chair.

The organizing committee consisted of Prof. Steffen Wenig, in 2013 a short-term professor at Mekelle University to inaugurate a long-term archaeological research project, Dr. Iris Gerlach from the German Archaeological Institute, Prof. Christian Leitz from Tuebingen University, Prof. Rainer Voigt, Tigrinya specialist of the FU Berlin, and Dr Wolbert Smidt, Assoc. Prof. at Mekelle University.

With the various papers presented by different scholars and research teams, this four-day conference was felt to be an unusual and extremely precious event helping coordinating current research and promoting an exchange of latest knowledge and experiences. The president of Tigray Regional Governmnt, Pres. Abay, invited the conference organizers to convene the next conference in Tigray, which was welcomed by MU president Dr Kindeya. Mekelle University will announce the next Enno Littmann Conference, in collaboration with all stakeholders, to take place in Mekelle in 2016 or 2017.

Photos by: Mitiku Gebrehiwot