BSc Animal Production and Technology (AnPT) program

  1. Background

Ethiopia has an agriculture-based economy from which close to 85% of the population derive their livelihood. The diverse ecology of Ethiopia makes the country the home for large populations of different domestic and wild animals with considerable contributions to the national economy.The various products and by-products, drawn from livestock sector, play a crucial role in the livelihood of the farmers in the country. This sector contributes 33% of the agricultural GDP and 15% to the export earnings. About six million oxen provide virtually all the draught power for the cultivation of the nation's grain crops.

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BSc Wildlife and Ecotourism Management (WEtM)


Institutions of higher education are increasingly focusing on knowledge and skill creation and are major sources of key research and development innovations that markedly contribute to the conservation and utilization of natural resources thereby provide considerable value to individuals, to the national economy, and society in general. In an attempt to broadly address some aspects of wildlife management and eco-tourism which was addressed shallowly by some courses in different departments against the fact of diverse Ethiopian topography and resource, the need for developing new curriculum which will produce professionals who can work to this end is necessary.

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