Unwise uses of natural resources and policy neglect over long period have created an increasing stress on our natural and environmental resources and decline in human welfare. This is reflected in Ethiopia with the chronic state food insecurity and poverty of the bulk of the population. The concern for sustainable development has been the major issue worldwide since the second half of the 20th century. The inter-linkage between economic development and the environment has become widely recognized. Development concern today is about sustainable development where economic, institutional, social and environmental concerns are simultaneously considered. Resource allocation, management and protection decisions have become top priorities in the development agenda. Awareness of the importance of integrated development planning and policymaking has risen nationally and globally.
However, at national level, the human resource development in the area of natural resource economics and management, and environmental policy as well is neglected. The Department of Natural Resources Economics and Management (NREM) is therefore one of the initiatives of Mekelle University (MU) in addressing the shortage of skilled manpower in the area of the economics and management of natural resources and was established in the 2002/03 academic year. Since the establishment, the department has been actively and intensively participated in teaching, research, short term training, consultancy and community services activities.
In general, the overall objectives of the department are teaching, research and provision of advisory services to the private, governmental and non-governmental organisations. This opportunity will open the gateway of unlimited opportunities for graduate students to serve their people, who are engaged in fighting against poverty, depletion of various natural resources, and environmental degradation. Therefore, it enables graduates to play their part in mitigating the country’s problems related to natural resources management and environmental degradation. More specifically, the Department of Natural Resource Economics and Management has the following objectives:

  • To advance knowledge and to promote wisdom and understanding by engaging in teaching, research and training for dissemination, promotion and preservation of natural resources and environment of the country.
  • To offer a lesson in natural resource economics and natural resource management with high standard and quality.
  • To generate and disseminate knowledge and innovation to make a contribution to the wise utilization of natural resources.
  • To produce graduates who will play an active role in achieving the food self-sufficiency target of the Country as well as environment sensitive citizens.
  • To conduct demand-driven, problem solving and action-oriented research projects in the area of resource economics, natural resource and environmental management and economics, and environmental policy and generate information for enhanced policy making;
  • To provide complementary services in the field of natural resource management to meet the needs of social and economic needs of individual and communities in Ethiopia.
  • To promote and encourage the application of knowledge and learning in the agricultural, natural resource, environmental and various sectors of the national economy.
  • To contribute towards sustainable development through teaching, research and provision of advisory services to the private, governmental and non-governmental organizations working in resource conservation programmes.

Natural Resources Economics and Management Department motto

“If you are exited by the prospect of discovery and the creation of new knowledge in NREM… if you want hand on-career training in the context of Natural Resource Economics and Management and research in this field of study….then our department offers a practical application of economic theory in Natural Resource at undergraduate program level for you”

Department of Natural resource economics and management (NREM)
Girmay Kahsay
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