Unwise use of natural resources and policy neglect over long period has created an increasing stress on our environmental and natural resources, and decline in human welfare. This is reflected in Ethiopia with the chronic state of food insecurity and poverty of the bulk of the population.  

The concern for sustainable development has been the major issue worldwide since the second half of the 20th century. The inter -linkage between economic development and the environment has become widely recognized. Development concern today is about sustainable development where economic, political, social & environmental concerns are simultaneously considered.


Resource allocation, management and protection decisions have become top priorities in the development agenda. Awareness of the importance of integrated development planning and policymaking has risen nationally and globally. However, at national level, human resource development in the area of natural resource economics and management, and environmental policy is neglected.   The Department of Natural Resource Economics and Management (NREM) is thus one of the new initiatives of Mekelle University in addressing the shortage of skilled manpower in the area.

About the Department

The department offers a BSc Degree in Natural Resources Economics and Management by both regular and summer program. It is broad-based field of study and multidisciplinary in nature. The department is unique in Ethiopia and designed to provide the graduate with a good mix of Biophysical, Economics, Agriculture, Social Science, Management and Institutional Sciences.

Vision of the Department

The department will be recognized as an outstanding entity of academic excellence promoting academic achievement and research excellence.

Mission of the Department

          The department aspires to be a leading department in academics, research and consultancy          services so as to meet the society’s needs

Objectives of the Department

The programme is designed to produce skilled manpower to enhance public and private decision-making about natural resources management, effective utilisation and environmental issues. The overall objectives of the department are to

  • advance, disseminate and apply learning and knowledge in natural resources economics and management;
  • promote and encourage the application of the knowledge and learning in the agricultural, natural resource and industrial sectors of the national economy;
  • Contribute towards sustainable development through teaching, research and provision of advisory services to private, governmental and non-governmental organizations working in natural resource conservation, management, and utilization programs.
Admission Requirements

Students should have a strong interest in nature management and the environment, and appreciate the role that the natural resources base plays for human prosperity and welfare and the concern for sustainable development. The academic requirements are successful completion of the pre-university preparatory courses on competitive basis. Administrative requirements include all applicable University level regulations effected by the relevant offices during the time of application.  

Practical Teaching

Besides course specific practical, practical attachment is the major component of the training programs. Students will have an opportunity to test their theoretical knowledge and to develop their practical skills in a three months practical attachment semester before entering to their final year. This will provide prospective graduates with an opportunity to identify their future career and employers.

Degree Nomenclature

  • English:B. Sc. Degree in Natural Resources Economics and Management
  • Amharic:የሳይንስባችለርዲግሪበተፈጥሮ ሃብት ምጣኔና አጠቃቀም