The Department of Sociology is a newly established Department within the College of Social Sciences and Languages. It was established with official recognition of the Mekelle University management on December 16, 2011. Prior to the recognition of the department, sociology professionals were working as team members under the Department of Cooperative Studies, College of Business and Economics. These staff members based at department of cooperative studies took the initiatives for the establishment of department of Sociology. Accordingly, the initiative of the academic staffs was institutionalized with the support of the Dean of College of the Social Sciences and Languages.

To this end, a taskforce for the establishment of the BA Degree program in Sociology has been officially appointed and has been resuming the services since January 2011. Since its appointment, the taskforce has been working intensively to bring this program to fruition. It conducted the required need assessment study to know the actual demand for opening of the program. Based on the need assessment results as well as looking at the experiences of other Sociology departments across the different Universities in Ethiopia, the members of the Curriculum taskforce prepared a daft curriculum on BA degree program in Sociology. Having finalized the first draft curriculum, members of the establishing taskforce called up for a national validation workshop on 18th July, 2011. The draft curriculum was reviewed by top professional reviewers working in Sociology department of other Universities in the country. Both the task force and the board of reviewers present the curriculum for participants invited from various stakeholders, government and non-government organizations and other experts in a national workshop for the validation of the curriculum held on July 18, 2011.  

With the incorporation of feed backs during the national workshop the task force members prepared and submitted the final draft of BA degree in Sociology to the University for its Approval.  Then after, the university senate approved for the formal launching of department of Sociology under the college of Social Sciences and languages.

The Department of Sociology has opened undergraduate regular, evening and summer programs. Though the Department is newly established, it was found to be the most attractive in delivering quality education, actively working in community works and research. The department is committed in achieving the vision and mission of the University by providing student with necessary professional skills, knowledge and attitudes. In doing so, the Department is constantly thriving to help students to work with right attitude and as self motivated individuals who could mobilize groups and communities from diverse cultures and multiple perspectives for the purpose of social development, conducting problem solving research and render community services, contribute for achievement of short term and long term millennium development goals that can derive the country to its better condition in its all conditions. 

We strongly believe the department of Sociology will contribute in enhancing the knowledge about Ethiopia and its people, especially the texture of the society. It is well established fact that Ethiopia has been culturally rich and has glorious past and obviously the department will add in understanding the causes of transformation in course of time and how to retain back some of its lost values and unique quality. .

For the future, the department is preparing for the establishment of community development centre that could work for the welfare of the local community. As a newly established department, we will pay due attention to maintain the quality of teachers through teachers professional development as well as professionalization of course curriculum.

The Department of Sociology has three Course teams namely:

  • Research  and its application related course team
  • Developmental Sociology course team
  • Theory and Specialized courses team


To be recognized globally by acting locally through generating applicable knowledge in the field. This will help increase understanding about Society and its problems and needs. Therefore the department is visionary in such a way it will produce professionals who can serve as effective leaders and actors in any development endeavors.


To put the department on top of the academic excellence all across Ethiopia by providing an environment where the learners could fulfill their dreams and achieve their maximum merit, and will be working to nurture the local talents and disseminate knowledge for serving the society

Contact   address: 

Department of Sociology
College of Social Sciences and Languages 
Adihaki Campus
Mekelle University

+251-0348401374 451
Mekelle, Ethiopia

Head Department: Aklilu Kedanemariam

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Alternative email:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Celle phone: +251911726336 451
Mekelle, Ethiopia

Academic Staff profile

S. No.


Academic Rank


Professor Dr. Sanjay Mishra

Professor  of Sociology

    • BA( honors) in Sociology
    • MA In Sociology
    • MPhil in Sociology
    • PhD in Sociology

All Degrees from Benares Hindu University, Varanasi, India (


Dr. Sanat Kumar Sharma

Associate Professor of Sociology

    • BA( honors) in Sociology
    • MA In Sociology
    • PhD in Sociology

All Degrees from Benares Hindu University, Varanasi, India (


Dr. Kelemwork Tafre

Associate  professor  of Social Anthropology

    • BA in Educational Psychology  from Addis Ababa University
    • MA in Social Anthropology Addis Ababa University
    • PhD in Social Anthropology, Johannes Gutenburg University of Mainz, Germany.


Moges Belay

Lecturer of Sociology

    • BA in Sociology and Social Anthropology from the Addis Ababa University (2005)
    • MA in Sociology from Addis Ababa University (2009)


Aklilu kahssay

Lecturer of Sociology

    • BA in Sociology and Social Anthropology from the Addis Ababa University (2005)
    • MA in Sociology from Addis Ababa University(2010)


Abay Adhana

Lecturer of Social Work and Human Right

    • BA in Sociology from The  University of Gonder (2006)
    • MSc in Social Work and Human Right (2010)

Research Thematic Areas

  • Population Dynamics and Sustainable Development
    • Migration, population growth, sustainable livelihoods,
  •  Social Behavior, Work Culture and Behavioral Risks
    • Social capital, social relationships, Alcoholism, Juvenile Dequincy, deviance and crime. . . . .
  •  Diversity and Multi-Culturalism:
    • Ethnic relations, ethic sustainability. . .
  • Indigenous Knowledge Systems and development
    •  Local institutions, local value systems and development . . .
  • Culture, Society and Development
  • Gender and development
    • Women empowerment, gender in/equality, . . .
  • Sociological analysis of Disease and illness
    • Child Health, reproductive health, family planning, HIV/AIDS, abortion, Drug addiction . . .
  • Urban problems
    • Street Children, child trafficking, child abuse, urban violence, slum areas… 
  • Sociological analysis of family and its problems
    • Marriage and divorce, wife abuse . . .
  •  Rural Development:
    • Rural livelihoods, food in/security, rural-urban linkage. . .


Module 01:  Introductory Sociology Module

1.    Introduction to Sociology

2.    Introduction to Social Anthropology

3.    Introduction to Social Psychology

4.    Social Institutions I

5.    Social Institutions II

Module 02:  Theoretical Perspectives in Sociology Module

1.    Sociological Theories I: Classical Perspective

2.    Sociological Theories II: contemporary Perspective

3.    Introduction to Logic and Social Philosophy

Module: 03 Methods in Social Research and Applications Module

1.    Methods in Social Research I

2.    Methods in Social Research II

3.    Introduction  to Statistics

4.    Statistics for Social Research

Module04:  Sociology and Development Module

1.    Development Sociology

2.    Economic Sociology

3.    Gender and Society

4.    Integrated Community Development

5.     Sociology of Work, Industry and Organization

6.    Sociology of Tourism

Module 05:  Social Policy and Intervention Module

1.    Methods in Social Intervention and Rehabilitation

2.    Social Policy and Planning

3.    Project Design and Management

4.    Social Entrepreneurship

Module 06:  Patterns of Social Behavior Module

1.    Sociology of Deviance

2.    Criminology and Criminal Justice Systems

3.    Sociology of Conflict and Peace

4.    Sociology of Health and Illness

Module 07:  Rural-Urban Sociology Module

1.    Rural Sociology

2.    Urban Sociology

3.    Sociology of Ethiopian Societies 

Module 08:  Cross-Cutting Social Issues Module

1.    Media and Society

2.    Environmental Sociology

3.    Population Study and Migration

4.    Contemporary Social Issues

Module 09:  Research Seminar Module

1.    Senior Essay Proposal Writing

2.    Field work and Senior Essay Writing