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A national workshop entitled ‘The Historic Endaeyesus Mountain and MU’s Contribution’ was held at Management Hall, Main Campus, Mekelle on the 5th of March, 2017 as part of the nationwide celebrations of the ‘Victory of Adwa’.


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 Ato Tesfay Girmay, Director of IPHC

The workshop was opened by the welcoming speech of Tesfay Girmay, The Director of IPHC (Institute of Paleo-Environment and Heritage Conservation) that organized the event. A historical highlight of what exactly happened during the battle of Endayaesus where the highly protected Italian trench was taken over by the Ethiopian Army in the build up to the Adwa Victory was presented by Ato Kebede Amare from IPHC, MU.

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Ato Kebede Amare from IPHC, MU                   Deacon Daniel Kibret, writer & blogger

A presentation that was focused on the significance of the Adwa Victory and its role in intensifying the Pan-African Movements and MU’s contribution in that line was then made by Dr. Ayele Bekri from IPHC, MU.

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Dr. Ayele Bekri, IPHC, MU

Yared Shumete, the renowned Ethiopian filmmaker and the head of the team ‘Guzo Adwa’ (literally translated as ‘Pilgrimage Adwa’), then made a speech on the symbol of the Adwa Victory and his team’s mission to keep and scale up the Adwa spirit in his generation.

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Yared Shumete, filmmaker, founder & head of "Guzo Adwa'

He specifically applauded the President of MU, Dr. Kindeya Gebrehiwot, who consistently heeded the concerns and interests of his team and responded to their requests in action by conserving and renovating the cemetery of the heroic Ethiopian Martyrs at Mount. Endaeyesus, where the main campus of MU is now located.

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The 'Guzo Adwa' team handing over a t-shirt gift of gratitude to the President of MU

Yared Shumete then handed over the uniform T-shirt of the ‘Guzo Adwa’ team as a prize of gratitude to Dr. Kindeya Gebrehiwot, the President of MU.

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Dr. Kindeya Gebrehiwot, President of MU, making a remark during the workshop

The president, on his part, congratulated the organizers of the workshop and all who were involved in the conservation and renovation of the historic Mount. Endaeyesus Cemetery of Ethiopian heroes and heroines for their endeavors to keep the spirit of Adwa in the current generation of Ethiopians who, he emphasized, are fighting their respective enemy of poverty.

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Ato  Muluwork Kidanemariam

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Participants of the workshop

The newly built cemetery of the heroic Ethiopian Martyrs at Mount. Endaeyesus was then colorfully inaugurated in the presence of the University’s top management and community, members of ‘Guzo Adwa’, students, and invited elder guests, Ethiopian historians, writers and bloggers.

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