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College of Dryland Agriculture and Natural Resources (CDANR) has organized half day research centers output exhibition day on October 26, 2017. The aim of the event was to convey the 2016/2017 achievements and gained research findings and community services to the university community. Department of Animal, Rangeland and Wildlife Sciences (ARWS) and Department of Dryland Crops and Horticultural Sciences (DCHS) demonstrate their activities to the participants.

  Dr Kidane

On his welcoming speech, Dr. Kidane Gidey explained that the aim and importance of the event to the participants.

Ato Mebrahtom

Ato Mebrahtom Niguse, ARWS department head, has given a brief explanation the so far activities and engagements undertaking under the department, and he extend his appreciation to the university management and the college for the so far supports that are being provided to the department.

 Agri visit exhi

The participants visited the activities of both centers (Forage and bee breeding) of ARWS department. Afterward, the scientific activities and engagements of both ARWS and DCHS departments in the teaching, researches, community services and KTT DCHS were displayed in posters and briefed by the academic staff members. Also, the participants visited leopard translocation site.

visit exhi

Finally, after an explanation about the major future plan of the departments has been discussed, the participants have raised major issues and proper responses were given by the academic staff members of the departments.

Dr Abdulkadir

On the other hand, Dr. Abdulkadir kidr, Vice President for Academics of Mekelle University, stated that the university is cooperative and disposed to provide the necessary support for community service engagements. Hence, we encourage our researchers to come forward and engage more in researches and community service undertakings that would potentially add value for the betterment of the community.  Dr. Abdulkadir Kedir asserted that the event was an exemplary which should be broaden and expanded in its objective and distribution. Lastly, he expressed his gratitude to the organizers and promised to support on their way of endeavors.

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On the event the university management, academic and Administrative staff members, and students from college were participated.