Secondary Cities project initiative together with Mekelle University have held a seminar on Building Geospatial Networks for Mapping Infrastructure, Land-Use and Water Resources in Mekelle, Ethiopia. The seminar held at Mekelle University on November 24, 2017.


On the occasion, after an opening speech was made by Dr. Danial Teka, Director of I-GEOS and memeber of the project, Mrs. Laura Cline, Secondary Cities PM Humanitarian Information Unit, presented brief overview of the so far activities and goals of the project. Thus, the goal of the project is to build local capacity in geospatial technologies and applications through training, education and stakeholder participation.

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According to the project coordinators, Partnerships between the mekelle University, Mekelle city Water Administration, REST and Colorado State University will foster in open source geospatial sciences, develop high-priority local and regional geospatial datasets, and greatly improve data accessibility by a wide variety of end-users. Mekelle City becomes one of the Secondary Cities Project among the existing Ten Cities.

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It has been said that the project has completed its first phase and get approval for extension of the project as of January, 2018, with the theme: ‘Mapping Community-based Watershed Management Practices to Enhance Water Supply for Mekelle city and Impact Livelihoods in Rural Communities, Ethiopia”.

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Prof Kindeya

In the day, participants from local Government institutions, Urban Environmental Office and Mekelle University have attended the seminar. Afterwards, the invited guests visited the university and other local development institutions.

By: Shishay Equar, CCD