Mekelle University organized a half day panel discussion in honor of women’s day on March 10, 2018 at main campus management hall.

Mu Celebrates Womens

Prof. Kindaya G/Hiwot, President of MU on his opening speech said that Mekelle University is committed in empowering women and we believe women do have capacity to create a positive influence in the lives of people. ‘We are ready to support women in any aspect’, the president he added. 

Prof Kindaya G

Ato Yemane Zeray, from the department of political Science, delivered a brief presentation about the history and progress of Women's day in Ethiopia.

 Ato Yemane Zeray

On the day, MU Female staff members remembered and appreciated the late Mrs. Sue Edwards, a wife of Dr. Tewolde Birhan G/Her, the former General Manager of the Environmental Authority of Ethiopia, as an influential and for her high level of contribution to science and partnership with Mekelle university. Thus, Prof. Fetien Abay, Vice president for community Service and research, presented Mrs. Sue Edwards Lives, history and achievements. Therefore, it has been revealed that Mrs. Sue Edwards was a woman who have made tremendous contribution in environmental protection across Ethiopia, and she produced number of publications in this regard.

Mrs Sue

According to Prof. Fetien Abay, Mrs. Sue Edwards was humanitarian and her death touched the life of so many Ethiopians. ‘She was an Exemplary Women and her work will live with us forever’ said Prof. Fetien.

Prof Fetien Abay

It is known that the Women’s day has been celebrating internationally on March 8 to commemorate the women’s right and to empower them.