The team lead by Mr. Bill Austin of Starkey Hearing Foundation and Dr. Team Embaye in collaboration with Mekelle University continues to provide free hearing aid fitting campaign. The campaign takes place from August 10 to 11, 2018 at Adi Haqi Campus. Hence, very huge turn out who are victim of hard hearing living in the region become part of this great opportunity.




According to Dr. Team Embaye, Coordinator of Starkey Hearing Foundation and founder of Hearing for Ethiopia Embaye Foundation, the campaign has taken place for the 7 time in the country and for the 3rd time in Tigray Region, and incollabration Ayder Specialized Comprehensive Hospital more than 1500 people who have hard hearing problem is expected to get the service and hearing aid. Dr. Team Embaye also expressed his appreciation to Mekelle University for all the assistance and dedication it exerted to facilitate and to be our partner in this massive virtual community service of helping people.




Prof. Kindeya Gebrehiwot, President of Mekelle University,on his part expressed his deepest gratitude to the foundation and the team. The president said ‘it is heart melting to see smiling faces of children after the service, families are getting relived! Thank you all for all the humaniterian mission’. He also added that it is a unique opportunity which mades the university possible together with our partner Starkey Hearing Foundation USA.





We Really Care!

By: Shishay Equar, CCD

Photo Credit: Prof. kindeya Gebrehiwot