Mekelle University Institute of Paleo-environment and Heritage Conservation is celebrating the 2nd tourism week under the theme of “Tourism for consensus and development” from December 29, 2018 to January-4, 2019 at the Main Campus.

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The celebration was started by running through the city using Tigray Orchestra band and displaying photo exhibitions. In the second day, the tourism week continues with panel discussions at Axum Hotel that brought together representatives from tourism commission and from other sectors that are assume to be main stack holders.

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According to the organizers, the purpose of the celebration is to bring the university community’s and the local society’s attention about the important of tourism to one nation and economic values that our country can generate if we manage our tourist sites properly. Mr. Tesfay Girmay, Director of the Institute of Paleo-environment and Heritage Conservation, in his introductory speech presents about the current status of the institute; the programs and research activities run in the institute. And he thanked to MU management and other stack holders for unreserved support and assistance that it was provided to host the event successfully.

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President of Mekelle University Prof. Kindeya G/Hiwot, in his opening remark also addressed the importance of tourism and how the institutes and the students should strive to improve the current statutes of tourism and in changing the low perception that the society have towards the sector.

Mr.Yonas Desta , General Director of the authority for research and conservation of Cultural Heritage(ARCCH), on his part also said tourism helps to generate a significant amount of revenue for a country be it from local tourist or from the international tourists. And he added that the industry helps in understanding the various cultural, geographical and historical facts of a country. Moreover, said the director that the students should work to change the tourism industry in to high level and to also using the industry we all should work to integrated the peoples of Ethiopia.

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On the panel discussion, the role of tourism for ethnic integration and peaceful co-existence was presented by Mr. Yezihalem Sisay. Also, on issue titled ‘community based tourism in the Lake Tana growth corridor’ was presented by Mr. Moges G/Her.

Thousands of Mekelle University students, MU Management and administrative staff are being attending and celebrating the undergoing the tourism week that is being celebrated for the second time in the university, abd thus the event will continue until Friday.