Mekelle University organizes a one day memorial to late Dr.Dreje Assefa and conference on Grain mycotoxin Migration technologies and experiences on May 24, 2019 at MU main campus management hall.

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Dr.Yirga Woldu, Dean of the college of Dryland Agriculture and Natural Resources Management, on his welcoming said “Today we are here for a memorial mycotoxin conference initiated by MU with its national (HwU & BDU), international partners (NMBU & KSU), and graduate students to honor and give due considerations to Dr. Dereje Assefa’s commitment and his life time contribution to MU in reasearch and community service and also his unreserved contribution in the national and international partnership.” he also added “This conference is a one-day national mycotoxin conference under grand theme: Grain mycotoxin mitigation: Technologies and experiences to honor Dr. Dereje Assefa in the academic and scientific research endeavors. In line with this the dean mentioned Dr. Derejes’ contribution in teaching and research activities in the college.

Memorial Conference DR dere

Prof. Kindeya G/Hiwot, President of MU, on his opening speech noted that Dr. Dereje Assefa was actively participating in community service and one of the leading Ethiopian researchers in the field of MYCOTOXIN. Dr. Dereje Assefa was tirelessly working to solve the mycotoxin problems and build national and international partnerships together with his colleagues and students and I hope his students will present progresses of the work they were doing with Dr. Dereje, said Prof. Kindeya. And he thanked to all national and international partners for their contributions.

Prof Kindeya GHiwot

Prof. Fetien Abay, Vice President for Research and Community Services, on her keynote speech she expressed him as a humble friend, family man, hard worker, and a good neighbor and it is painful not only to his family but also his colleagues to loose such a figure too early.

Prof Fetien Abay

The vice president emotionally mentioned all he achieved and contributed to the people of Ethiopia on the Grain mycotoxin mitigation technologies .and she appreciate the coordinated financial support of prof. Trine Havoslef-Eide, NMBU, for running the educational performance of Dr.Dreje Kids. And she also thanks to Mu community, families and friends for the necessary support.

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 IMG 0226Dr Eyasu

During the day, the late Dr. Dreje Assefa's professional achievements, testimonies from family, friends, supervisors and University community, book of abstract on mycotoxin research, the scientific presentation on mycotoxin grains by different national and international mycotoxin researchers. And the themes of different keynote speech was presented.


On the day Peoples from several national and international organizations were participated.