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 Institutional objectives

  • Play the leading role in mountain research and development endeavours in Ethiopia.
  • Classify mountains into different economic corridors to generate more income and innovative livelihood options to mountain communities.
  • Support and strengthen the on-going land and water development as well as integrated watershed management activities to convert the untapped potentials of the mountains to productive lands (= rehabilitation and utilization of rehabilitated areas).
  • Support and strengthen the efficiency and effectiveness of the on-going bench terrace efforts in Tigray Region and Ethiopia at large.
  • Develop value chains of mountain products (e.g. agriculture, beekeeping, non-timber forest products…) and services (e.g. tourism…) which offer unique markets and potential for poverty reduction.
  • Promote mountain organic production, eco-labelling, certification, and standards (= non-material based value addition).
  • Establish “research, development and outreach centres” at landmark locations in northern Ethiopia.
  • Create linkage and partnership with various regional and international organizations engaged in MRaD.
  • Provide demand-driven trainings at different levels focused on mountain development, management, monitoring and evaluation.
  • Provide advisory, consultancy and KTT services to mountain communities, policy makers and other stakeholders aimed at improving livelihood.
  • Organize national and international scientific seminars, workshops, … on mountain research and sustainable development.
  • Work towards becoming learning and knowledge sharing centre of excellence for east Africa and beyond.
  • Provide recommendation on policies and strategies related to mountain development.
  • Popularize mountains and mountain resources/products/services through public media, scientific publications, maps, pamphlets, tour guides..., and website.
  • Create the largest mountain data repository for East African Mountains.

Contact address:

Mekelle University, Main Campus,

IPS Building, Room No. A52-406,

P.O. Box 3102,

Mekelle, Ethiopia.

Tel. +251 914721856

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