Workshop Organized by Integrated Seed Sector Development

  Participants of the workshop
Mekelle University hosted a Regional Workshop on Integrated Seed Sector Development (ISSD) on June 16, 2014 at its Main Campus. At the Workshop, latest research findings on the profitability analysis, the experience of PSP on seed multiplication, and ISSD supported LSB in seed marketing and identifying niche market were  presented. Participants also reflected on DSM (Direct Seed Marketing), Hirity Mekan, Shewit and Zerisenay SPCs.

Plenary discussions were conducted with key partners such as BoARD, SG2000, and AGP-AMDE on scaling up activities and achievements. Group discussions and Experience sharing among the chairperson of different seed producer cooperatives, Development Agents, and investors (seed producers) have also taken place.

Workshop Organized by Integrated Seed Sector Development2
             During presentation
According to the information released during the Workshop, the six seed producing cooperatives such as Shewit Irrigation Potato Producer Cooperative, Hirity Mekan Barley and Wheat Producer Cooperative and Zerisenay Teff and Wheat Producer Cooperative are on their way to commercialize their seed products by 2015. The Integrated Seed Sector Development (ISSD) of Mekelle University has donated 60 thousands seed packing sacks, including sewing and packaging tools for the cooperatives.

The Workshop participant’s head different seed producer cooperatives in different weredas, other participants including development agents, investors (seed producers), delegates of Tigray Marketing and Promotion Agency, Tigray Agriculture Research Institution, delegates of Tigray Agriculture and Rural Development Bureau, Dr. Marja Thijssen from Wageningen University Research Centre for Development and Innovation  UR-CDI and Dr. Amsalu Ayana, ISSD Ethiopia Director.  

Workshop Organized by Integrated Seed Sector Development3

The Participants Posed in front of the workshop Building for Posterity

The workshop participants were welcomed by Dr.Tsehaye Asmelash Vice President for Research and Community Service of Mekelle University.
By Genet kahsay CCIA Senior Communication Expert