Dear Intenational students and guests,

Welcome to Mekelle University!

The International Affairs Directorate strives to realize the mission of Mekelle University. The vision statement of Mekelle University clearly states that, by 2025, our University aspires to become one of the top 25 universities in Africa. This very statement caries the very notion of internationalization in it. Internationalization is not only a matter of partnering and networking for Mekelle University, It is about growing in quality, standard and competitiveness in  such a way that brings the vision into reality. That is why, we are always working to widen our international network, to learn from the best practices of our partners, to bring in more international students and to expand the means of reaching out when it comes to sharing our success stories.

So much has been done in the past 25 years since the establishement of our university. We at Mekelle university give due credit to the role international partners have played in the growth and expansion. This has brought us to a relatively standardized international campus environment. It is now time to work on quality of programs, reasearch and capacity building. We welcome all international entities to work with us and we welcome international students to experience a rare chance of learning while building a reputation at MU.

Gotiom Tegegn,

Director of International Affairs Directorate