Overall Objectives/Goals of

MU-Career Center


  • To offer range of services and thorough these services and events, students will integrate with the community.
  • To emphasize professionalism, diversity and integrity in a global society and the importance of linking and widening the University to the wider community.
  • To be committed to providing quality services and improving job search processes and resources to support the University and its Mission.
  • To build the capacity of students and alumni through various training tools.
  • To dedicate our services for facilitating the connection between our students and employers for jobs, internships and volunteer opportunities.
  • To assist students with every step in developing their career goals, from writing CVs/Resumes and Cover Letters to improving interview techniques with recruiters.
  • To organize Career Fairs annually or semi-annually, depending on the demand.
  • To expand and improve career services infrastructure of the University.
  • To increase experiential career opportunities by expanding services for specific populations.