A training organized by the Federal Affaire of the Ethiopian government and by the Board of Mekelle University on Tikimt 4-6 2004 E.C. advised the management of Mekelle Univeersity to manage conflicts in a mature manner.

The training focuses on issues such as Federalism in Ethiopia, religious freedom and equality, separation of State and Religion, the nature of radicalism, the dressing style in higher institutions and religious practices inside campuses. The purpose of the training was to discuss on the code of conduct that helps universities to run the teaching-learning process in a peaceful manner.

According to the code of conduct, Muslim ladies can wear hijab (a head covering headscarf worn by some Muslim women to conceal their hair and neck) but not burka (a full length veil that covers a face too) as covering ones’ face raises the question of identity and poses problems on security. It also prohibits group prayer and religious festival. Defaming others’ religions in writing as well as in t-shirts is also prohibited according to the code of conduct.