The former Prime Minister of Sweden Dr. G.Perssonvisited and shares his experience on Jan   22, 2016 at Main campus Mekelle University, Tigray, Ethiopia.

Sweden Dr G.Persson

The visit was meant for exploring potential areas of collaboration and partnership for mutual benefit. The event has featured experience sharing on issues of the relationship /partnership of Ethiopia, Tigray and Sweden, about Agro forestry, reforestation and water conservation.

Mr Goitom Tegne

A half day visit and lecture program started with a warm welcome at Management hall, followed by visit to the Momona Museum ( the first office of the president before 20 years) and Momona tree. During this time Mr. Goitom Tegne , Director, of International Affairs of MU, delivered a brief presentation about the MU.

A lecture and experience sharing on Agro forestry, Forestry as Political Agenda, and relevant issues was presented by the former Prime Minister. He emphasize that, Ethiopia is an Example on forestry in the world because Ethiopia had done it.


Dr G.Persson

He also states on the collaboration on Ethiopia and Sweden government. As him, the Sweden government is planning to help and to reforest more than 1.5 million Hector land at Tigray, Ethiopia.

Prof Mitiku Haile

During the visit and lecture the former President of MU, Prof.Mitiku Haile, Deans, Directors and Management of the University were presented.

By: Reporting and Publication Team of Corporate Communication, MU.