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A half day workshop on the Role of International Staff in Realizing Vision 2025 proceeded Saturday, March 19, 2016, at the Axum Hotel in Mekelle. This workshop which is organized by the International Affairs Directorate was held with a major objective of creating a platform to bring international staff at Mekelle University to enable them contribute towards the aspiration of the University.

A welcoming speech was given by Dr. Tsehaye Asmelash, Vice President for Research and Community Services of Mekelle University. In his speech he has underlined on the belief of the management that the role of international staff have had tremendous effect to the existing growth of the University, hence, even better contributions and envolvements are expected. 

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In addition to presentations introducing Mekelle University and the International Affairs Directorate, examplery experiences of engagements of international staff were presented. Experiences on engaging beyond academics with special focus on linkages and collaboration was presented by Dr. Wolbert Smidt. Similarly, experiences on propmoting Mekelle University were presented by Dr. Ayele Bekerie.

The workshop has been successful in bringing a significant number of international staff, introducing the International Affairs Directorate, creating awareness about MU, bringing prioritized issues into attention, experience sharing from pro-active international staff and more importantly establishing a stronger communication between the MU management and the International staff for better internationalization. 

Closing remarks were made by Dr. Kindeya Gebrehiwot, President of Mekelle University. In his concluding remarks he appreciated the participants for atttending the workshop while he assured the committment of the management in welcoming activities to internationalize MU that can be brought up by all international staff. He concluded his remarks saying, "I invite you all to work on at list one collaboration project from within your networks or coutntries."

Participants included all international staff members, deans and directors and members of the management of Mekelle university.