Dr. Asfafaw Haileselassie Tesfay has been appointed as a Director of the newly established Institute of Energy at Mekelle University as of 3 March, 2017.


 Dr. Asfafaw Haileselassie Tesfay

Dr. Asfafaw, 37, was born in Mekelle, Ethiopia and gained his BSc. Degree from Mekelle University in 2005. He received his Master of Technology (M.Tech) Degree in Mechanical Engineering and his PhD in Energy and Process Engineering from Indian and Norwegian Universities.

Dr. Asfafaw has been actively involved in the academic, research and community service endeavors of the university at different capacities. To list some out, he served as a Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Head of EiT-M’s Head of Research, publication and outreach, and Transformation Team Leader, Research Project Leader of MU-IUC (VLIR) Farm Technology Team. He has also been a visiting scholar at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven of KU Leuven, Belgium from February –April 2017.