Mekelle University School of Law Environment and Natural Recourses Law Center was established with different objectives among which is awareness creation to the public and extending free legal assistance to individuals or people who have been victimized by environmental problems. Such trainings are prepared by the center ever year to the high school and preparatory students. The theme of this year training was “Environmental rights and duties awareness creation campaign” which is designed to equip different part of the society with basic understanding of our environmental laws. The event also informed about the objectives and the location of the Environmental and Natural Law Center and Mekelle University Legal Aid Center, for further legal assistance for the community.

The 70 University students who conducted the sort training were given a short introduction into the content, objectives and over all aim of the campaign. It benefited the law students to spread on their theoretical knowledge in to practice while they trained others. Besides, they became familiar with the community service activities and they promote the community service of the University to the society. The training was undertaken between May 9 to11 in three public preparatory schools, First day was used to train the trainers themselves. Next day two preparatory schools were addressed; in the morning and afternoon program, with 30 sections total in Ayder and Mesebo preparatory schools, with the number of students 933 and 458 respectively. And on the third day the training took place in Atse Yohannes preparatory school with 47 sections and 1880 students. The students of the schools have shown an interest to participate in different environmental activities with the Mekelle University Environment and Natural Resources Law Center and to inform the Center with environmental hazardous activities which occur in their residential area.


Finally, the campaign ended up by planning to clean the campus and by selecting two areas in the campus to plant and cover the area with green. The whole program which was started and is associated with celebrating Earth Day (April 22) continues to inspire University’s students to work hard in relation to their environmental rights and duties.