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An awareness creation workshop on the adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) was organized and held at MU by the College of Business and Economics, Department of Accounting and Finance.

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The workshop was opened by the welcoming speech of Dr. Tekeste Berhanu, Dean of the College of Business and Economics and the keynote remark of MU’s Vice President for Academics, Dr. Abdelakdir Kedir, respectively, both of whom underlined the need to improve the financial reporting standards to respond to international requirements. A brief speech about the Department of Accounting and Finance was also made by Mr. Hailemichael Tesfay, Head of the Department.

Presentation was then made on the need for IFRS and its global and local perspectives by Dr. Aregawi G/Michael, IFRS Team Coordinator at MU.

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Mr. Gashe Yemane, Director of Accounting and Auditing Board of Ethiopia (AABE) along with Mr. Sileshi Mirane and Mr. Worku Addis from AABE, made extended presentations on IFRS and its regulatory frameworks before discussions with participants. Mr. Gashe, then made a closing speech calling up on all stakeholders to do their level best to introduce and implement within the national schedule of implementation. The workshop brought together participants from PIEs (Public Interest Enterprises) in Tigray Regional State, EFFORT Companies, Representatives of Accounting and Auditing Association, and Universities and Colleges in the region.

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