1. A team member from Ethiopian Kaizen Institute has given a series of training to all staffs in the hospital and college on Kaizen Philosophy and tools. The management of the college also attended the training. Every participant promised to minimize the wasting time to serve our students and patients. Besides, the trainees were sensitized to reorganize their office stuff and beyond .   

Highlights Feb 18

 2. A Belgian Medical mission a.k.a. REVIVE has conducted a campaign operation in disabilities in Ayder comprehensive specialized hospital. This includes goiter, urovagina, cleft lip and palate, neurosurgery, dental extraction, hernia. REVIVE has conducted a series of a campaign in many places of Tigray including Lemlem Karl hospital Maichew, Adwa hospital, Shire hospital among others.

 3. An electrical engineer who is a member of Ethiopia-Witten, Germany, has started giving hands-on training to our technician. He is a very capable person in electrical installations and has already resolved some electrical circuit problems in our hospital. Besides, he has made a power backup for every sensitive area of the hospital and the college.

 4. A team member from Oregon Health and Science University and Kaizer Permanente, US, have visited our campus and engaged in teaching for 1st year Urogynecology fellows in the Department of Gynaecology and obstetrics. The team has also delivered board exams for third-year urogynecology fellows by the representative from the US regional authorities. This exam will help to get a certificate accredited by US system.  Furthermore, the team members have also involved in critical care, skill lab/simulation/ training, pulmonology and cardiac procedures and hospital quality management with respective departments/units of the college/hospital.

 5. Korean delegates from KOICA based in Addis have visited Ayder and assess their volunteer nurse who has been assigned at Ayder for two years. The nurse is doing great and assisting locals nurses in transferring her skill in patient management. In addition, the KOICA has discussed with the management of the hospital in strengthening the bilateral relation, particularly in highly skilled professionals. KOICA agreed to help our hospital's demand via Global doctors to get us a professional which still need our hospital.

 6. A delegate from Minister of health has paid a short visit to a school of medicine to discuss and collaborate in medical education. The delegate includes a medical educationist from US who is interested to work with the school in an integration of medical education and provision of digital resources to our students.   

 7. A memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has signed between College of Health Sciences, MU, and Global women's health based in St. Louis, US. The agreement includes postgraduate trainings in Physical therapy and engagement with pregnant mothers with back pain and other complications during their gestational period 

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 8. The monthly Ayder Enlightenment forum has conducted on "healthcare innovation in the 21st century". The talk was very interesting in looking different innovative ideas on improving health care and medical recordings from different countries of the globe .    

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