The college business and economics in collaboration with health experts has organized and provided awareness creating training session on HIV/AIDS and reproduction system for all CBE students.

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According to the health expert, based on a single point estimate, there are nearly 1.2 million people living with HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia. The adult prevalence rate is estimated at 2.4% and the incidence rate is 0.29%. The prevalence and incidence rates significantly vary between geographical areas and gender. The urban prevalence rate is estimated at 7.7%, while the rural prevalence rate is 0.9%. The prevalence rate is 1.7% for males and 2.6% for females.

With 90 000 HIV-positive pregnant women, there are an estimated 14 000 HIV-positive births and a total of 28 000 AIDS death and an estimated 800 000 AIDS orphans annually.

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The college of business and economics is exerting Considerable efforts in the HIV prevention response. For a more effective and targeted HIV prevention response; this awareness creating sessions and prevention training that is carried out is considered as one step forward in the process of HIV prevention action, taking into account that higher educational attainment is positively associated with an increased awareness of HIV prevention methods for both women and men.