1.  An awareness creating program on sexually transmitted infections including HIV was given to Raya university students organized by college of health sciences in celebration with MU- industry linkage and community service office.  Clarification Similar program was also organized for Mekelle University main campus and Adi-haki campus students two weeks before.

 highlightapril 24 2018

2.  A delegate from civil service minister has discussed with hospital management on the number of staffs and their profiles. To be recalled that Ayder has requested more positions to function the hospital at its best. The delegate came to verify that request on the ground.At the end, the delegate convinced the request is fair enough. 

3.  The monthly Ayder Enlightenment forum conducted on April 20, 2018, onthe topic “Health Policy and Practice in Ethiopia”by Dr. Gebreab Barnabas (MD, Ph.D.). Dr. Gebreab Barnabas was the former head of the Tigray regional health bureau,and a fighter. Dr. Gebreab shared his experience to the participants about the Ethiopian health policy and practice and he gave a reflection on comments and questions raised by the audience.

 highlighapril 24 2018

4.  Chief executive Director of College of Health Sciences and the dignity period coordinator had visited Washington in St. Louis City, US and participated  in the 2018 Dignity Period Fund raising Gala. Similarly they participated in the symposium conducted on Washington university school of medicine on women health care which is working collaboratively with Mekelle University, college of health sciences and Washington University, Global health institute.

highlights april 24 2018 

5.  Delegates from Ethiopian ministry of education have made a supportive supervision in Mekelle University and in the college of health sciences. They discussed with the university management in issues they observed and the university management gave their reflection.