1.  Ayder comprehensive specialized hospital (ACSH), college of health sciences have started giving radiology services in Mekelle hospital. It is known that most of the clinical services in Mekelle hospital is covered by the ACSH staffs and it is also a major site of clinical teaching for the ACSH students and residents. Starting from the April, the department of radiology has started deploying its seniors and residents as a part of improving the quality of healthcare.

 2. In-house workshop of a curriculum review of a Ph.D. program in clinical pharmacology was conducted. The program was aimed at to produce graduates on clinical researches. The Ph.D. curriculum review was held on May 04/2018 at Telemedicine College of health sciences.

3.  The Biostatistics department, school of public health has successfully conducted a national curriculum review on MSc in Biostatistics. External examiners from Addis Ababa and Gonder Universities have participated in the curriculum review.    

 4. A consultation seminar to Ayder hospital biomedical engineers by guest presenters from KOFIH (Korean Foundation for international healthcare) supported by South Korean project higher officials of the college and other representative staffs have participated in the seminar. 

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 5.   A 30 years old mother from Afar region gave birth normally 4 neonates at Ayder hospital at a time on April 30/2010 E.C. the delivery was through the operation. And it is assumed that there is no health problem to the neonates and the mother. Three of the neonates are female weights 1.9 k.g each and one is male weights 2.2 k.g.  This is the first to Ayder hospital .

 birth normally 4

 6.   A team from Ayder Hospital has back home participated a training on Infection prevention and HIV resistance testing in Bochum, Germany from April 5 -30, 2018. The team was included an internist, pediatrician, and Microbiologist. On their stay in Germany, they could able to gain best experiences which can be introduced to our setup. Besides, the most important thing they have learned from the service they observed is as good teamwork and clear working policy is the base for their high-quality service. Based on this the team has planned to do the following activities;

  • Establishing a strong infection prevention committee in our Hospital
  • Launching HIV resistance test in Ayder molecular Lab
  • Improving data collection of HIV patients in our clinic for possible studies in the future
  • To collect data on hand hygiene practice among healthcare workers before intervention
  • To celebrate world hand hygiene day to create awareness 
  • To give a lecture on hand hygiene, HIV resistance, and update on HIV management
  • To introduce construction hygiene to the buildings under construction: oncology center and Surgical ICU

May12 teamwork high

 Research areas to be consider  

  • Opportunistic  infections among HIV patients
  • Primary HIV resistance
  • Secondary HIV resistance and treatment failure
  • Follow-up study on the impact of the intervention on infection prevention.