A Regional Conference on “Eco-Municipality in Tigrai” undertaken with the theme “Linking Knowledge to Policy and Action for Sustainable Development and Waste Management” was held on Jan, 11th, 2015 at Mekelle, Ethiopia.
Presentations were made on various topics including:-
          • Eco-Municipality, the concept, history and content the Eco-Municipality in Ethiopia;
          • waste Management Practice in Mekelle and its Implication for future strategy,
          • Existing Situation and Challenges of Waste Management System in Tigrai
          • Greenery open Spaces in Mekelle; Past, Present and Future and how can Support the Eco-Municipality Program, What are the challenges and Opportunities was discussed detail.

Mr Torbjorn  Lahti

Mr.Torbjorn Lahti, President of Sweden Sustainable Development Ethiopia (SSDE) presented about the Eco-Municipality, the concept, history and content the Eco-Municipality in Ethiopia and shared the experience of four generations of Eco- municipality in Sweden and the frame work for Sustainable Development.

.Eco-Municipality  member
The Ethiopian Eco-Municipality Project is supported by SSDE .its members 8 Municipalities and 5 Universities including Mekelle University and Mekelle city municipality. SSDE has long and short time vision in Ethiopian capacity building of the Network of Ethiopian Eco-Municipalities, create hundreds of Eco- Municipalities in Ethiopia and has the goals to reduce poverty, Participate women and youth, and assuring Quality of services .Eco-tourism, urban greening, capacity building and Waste Management are sub programs of the project. The participants were from different universities, municipalities and members under the project.

The conference was organized by Mekelle University in Collaboration with SSDE, Tigrai Regional Health Bureau, Mekelle City Administration and Tigrai Bureau of Urban Development Trade and Industry.
By: Genet kahsay Senior Communication Expert of CCIA, MU