The College of Dry land Agriculture and Natural Resource of Mekelle University has launched six masters Programs by Convening a National Workshop on Curriculum Review June 27, 2015 at Mekelle, Ethiopia.

Dr Atinkut

Dr. Atinkut Mezgebu, Dean, College of Dry land Agriculture and Natural Resource has extended kindly welcome to all the participants from various universities, Non government agencies and departments.

CDLANR Six Masters Program

The new proposed curriculums have been reviewed by invited Scholars from Addis Ababa, Axum, Haramaya, Bahirar University. Present on the workshop were representatives from Tigray National Regional State Agriculture Research Institute, Tigray National Regional State Agriculture and Rural Development Bureau, College of water technology, Mekelle land resource, staffs of MU and other relevance offices. 

Dr Kasa Teka

A presentation about the introduction, objectives and expectation of the workshop was offered by Dr. Kasa Teka. According to Dr. Kasa the objective of the workshop was to introduce the new proposed curriculums of the Masters program and to receive feedbacks from respective subject specialists and stakeholders from different NGO, Universities, regional and federal bureaus.

CDLANR Review Curriculum

The National Workshop ensued to the discussion on the Masters Program correspondingly followed by significant inputs and reflections completed by the subject experts and participants. The discussion was largely focused on the significance of opening the program, contents of the curriculum, eligibility, number of student intake, and preparation of adequate resources to successfully implement the programs. It is ready for an admission of new masters candidates in the coming 2015/2016 academic year. The programs are

  M.Sc in Soil Science

  M.Sc in Sustainable water shade management

M.Sc in Land administration

  M.Sc in Integrated Water resource management

 M.Sc in Horticulture

  M.Sc in Plant protection

Six Masters Program CDLANR

By: –Reporting and Publication Team of CCIA, MU