Date 18/04/2017

Mekelle Universty would like to invite Qualified Applicants for Institute of Climate and Society in the following positions.



Field of Study

Requied Qualification


Required No


  • Climate Science or Meteorology

MSc in Climate and Society or MSc in Climate Science or Meteorology

Lecturer or Assistant Professor



  • Climate Affairs

M.Sc in Climate and Society in Climate Affairs

Lecturer or Assistant Professor



  • Chief Technical Assistant I

  • College Diploma or level IV or 3 years of experience as a Senior Technical Assistant

  • First Degree ,Two reviewed laboratory manual and two years of experience as Senior technical Assistant or

  • Second Degree /MSc/ no experience

Experience in climate Prediction, Projection and modeling tools is an advantage



  • Preference is given to Assistant Professsor

  • Place of work : Mekelle Universty

  • Type of Employment : Permanent

  • Salary : Scale of the Universty

  • Web site : Mekelle Universty visit the announcement in our website

  • Place of Registrar : Intersted Applicants should submit their CV and Photocopies of other relevant document to M.U main campus Office No C21-306 Human Resources Management Directorate Office

  • Date Registration: from the date of this announcement 10 working days .