Date 08/03/2018 G.C



Academic Rank Profession Experience Required No
1 Professor PhD in
  • Energy and process engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Chemical engineering
  • Natural science
  • Power economics
  • Energy   regulation
  • In line to the objective and activities of the Mekelle University Energy institute ፡a candidate needs to have
  • Relevant experience in University
  • Have good records of publication
  • Have good records of project leading, administration and Management
  • Has worked in renewable /no renewable energy sectors
2 Associate Professor 2
3 Assistant Professor   3

v  Place of work : Mekelle University

v  Type of Employment : Permanent

v  Salary : Scale of the University

v  Applicants : for under graduate G.P.A for male 3.00 for female 2.75

v  Place of Registrar: Interested Applicants should submit their CV and Photocopies of other relevant document to M.U main campus Office No C21-306 Human Resources Management Directorate Office.

v  Date Registration: from the date of this announcement 10 working days.