The delegation of MU visiting China had two more memorandum of understandings signed on June 16, 2017. The first MoU was signed with the Chinese National Space Science Center in Beijing. The signing of the MoU took place after a brief meeting was held in the presence of Pro. Wang Chi, Deputy Director General of NSSC, Prof. Xu Jiyao, from the state key laboratory of space weather and members of the NSSC international cooperation office. 


During the meeting, Dr. Kindeya Gebrehiwot expressed the timeliness of the agreement as Mekelle University is putting due focus and financial and human resources into space science research in Ethiopia. He conveyed his gratitude for the professional and material support NSSC has committed before and expressed his hope that more collaboration will be realized under the signed agreement. Visits to state key lab of Microwave and Remote Sensing Technology and Operation and Data centers of the Chinese Meridian Project were guided by respected scientists.

A second MoU was signed on this day with the Institute of Apicultural Research of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Research (CAAS.) The MU delegation led by President Dr. Kindeya was received and hosted by Director of the institute Prof. Li Jianke. Other members of the institute and Ethiopian scholars and PhD candidates also attended the ceremony.


Having signed and MoU that marked the starting of a collaboration that will materialize activities in improving honey production and capacity building, the MU delegation visited various state key labs of the institute. This collaboration also comes at the right time in such a way that Mekelle University is in the process of modern honey production equipments and undertaking curriculum design for a program in Apiculture.


During its stay in Beijing the MU delegation also had the chance to visit the Chinese footwear and leather industry research and development center. Potential collaboration in leather industry was thoroughly discussed.

 MU NSSC and IAR 4

News by: International Affairs Directorate, Mekelle University


 As part of the partnerships expansion to China, MU has marked the starting of an official collaboration agreement with the University of International Business and Economics (UIBE) in Beijing, China. 


On a series of events that took place from June 13-14, 2017, MU President Dr. Kindeya Gebrehiwot and his delegation attended the inauguration of the Institute of International and Regional Studies and held a series of successful meetings with respected professors, officers and the President of UIBE Prof. Jiaqiong Wang. 

On June 13, as an invited guest speaker, President Dr. Kindeya gave a speech at the inauguration of the Institute of International and Regional Studies of UIBE. In his speech he pointed out that MU appreciated the opportunity for partnership since the establishment of the institute is in line with MU's strategic focus on internationalization. He said, "Our attendance today is a golden opportunity, because our government works closely with the Chinese government. As you might have witnessed, our prime minister was in your university and was awarded an honorary professorship. That shows how seriously you have taken the partnership and collaboration with Ethiopia and the region." In his concluding remarks, he added, "We would like to work very closely in terms of capacity building, technology transfer and regional studies." The inauguration was attended by higher officials of the Chinese government, ambassadors, diplomats and partners of UIBE. 


On the 14th of June, the first meeting, which was held with the Executive Director of the Strategic Center for China’s Open Economy and International Technology Cooperation at UIBE, Prof. Xia Youfu and the Director of the Center of International Business Ethics Prof. Liu Baocheng focused on high level strategic topics and has put clear direction on how the two institutions should proceed with newly embarking partnership. During the discussion, priority areas of collaboration were identified in such a way that outlined the potential startup activities and the long term major tasks that would in return assure the worthiness and the sustainability of the partnership. Brief introductions of MU and UIBE were given by respected delegates of each party during the discussion. The need to establish an Ethiopia - China research center at UIBE and MU was a major point of discussion. Both parties agreed that the center will be crucial in serving as a spring board for multifaceted collaborative efforts. 


In addition to laying out the possible activities within the framework of this MoU, a great deal of possibilities were pointed out from the perspective of the existing strong intergovernmental collaboration between Ethiopia and China and its implication on higher education. 

During the meeting with the President of UIBE, Prof. Jiaqiong Wang, historical background on the ties between the two countries were raised and the two institutions were presented in such a way that policies and visions were core points of the talk. The two presidents agreed on what should be done to materialize concrete results based on a formal agreement.  Finally, to realize all that has been dealt on, a memorandum of understanding was signed between MU and UIBE. 


It is to be recalled that in May 2017, UIBE has awarded FDRE Prime Minister H.E. Hailemariam Desalegn and Honorary Professorship in recognition of his contribution to the ever strengthening brotherhood of the people and the governments of China and Ethiopia. UIBE was also visited by H.E. Ambassador Seyoum Mesfin, Ambassador of FDRE to China, as one of the promising higher institutions of China with a great potential to partner with Ethiopian higher education institutions. 

A visit to the cultural Museum of UIBE was part and parcel of the MoU signing ceremony. A traditional Chinese luncheon was hosted by the President of UIBE to honor the delegation and the starting of the partnership. 

The Ethiopian Embassy in Beijing and Ethiopian postgraduate students and researchers played the main role in organizing meetings and creating communications with UIBE and many other Chinese institutions. The Ethiopian Embassy hosted a dinner to the MU delegation during which Ambassador Seyoum discussed on the importance and ways of handling and managing strategic partnerships in Ethiopia Higher Education Institutions.

 News by: International Affairs Directorate, Mekelle University

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Institute of Paleo-Environment and Heritage Conservation, Department of Anthropology, organized a half day national curriculum review on PhD in Anthropology, MA in Heritage Management and Revision of the MSc Program in Heritage Building Conservation and Management and Bsc in Heritage conservation on June 18, 2017 at Axum hall –Mekelle University.

DSC 0131

Ato Tesfay Girmay, Director of the Institute of Paleo-Environment and Heritage Conservation after warmly welcoming the participants said the Institute of Paleo-Environment and Heritage Conservation is among the pioneering institutions in teaching –learning, as well as conducting research and community services in the field of heritage conservation, Heritage Management, Tourism, Archeology, Culture, and Paleo-environment in Ethiopia. He added the Institute as a step forward to realize its vision and objectives has proposed to offer the new curriculums and the two post graduate revisions. He also outlined  the programs are designed keeping in view of the need and appropriateness in terms of subject specialization and relevance at regional, national and local levels. At the last he mentioned the importance of the workshop and his expectation.

DSC 0165

The participants mentioned that, new programs are developed in accordance with the country's plan and based on need assessments and in line with the university’s strategic plan. And they added that The PhD, MA and MSc Programs are important to link culture and development.

DSC 0182

Following the presentation of the curriculum, internal and external reviewer’s forward comments, suggestions and areas for improvement. Participants have also raised some questions and gave suggestions following which answers were given to the questions.

DSC 0176

Finally, Ato Haftom Teklay, Head of the Department of Anthropology, thanked the participants for their comments and suggestions and said they are taken as necessary inputs to improve the curriculum.

aud together

The Department of Journalism and Communication held a “public lecture on PR, building images or building bridges? Development of PR on Global and Local level” on Saturday, June 17,2017 at Adihaki campus, Theatrical Art Hall.

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The public lecture was opened by the welcoming speech of Furtuna Kahsay, Head of the Department of Journalism and communication followed by Professor Ton Veen’s (From Addis Ababa university) inspiring public lecture on the above stated topic. The public lecture mainly aimed at promoting the Public Relations and Advertising(PRAd) program and launching a Masters’ program on the mentioned field.


Students, staff members, city PR practitioners and others attended the public lecture. In the public lecture, many questions were raised and discussed.


In the afternoon discussion with the staff memebers of the Department of Journalism and Communication, Professor Ton Veen confirmed his willingness to continuously work with the department mainly in promoting PRAd and launching a Masters’ program on this field of study.



                                                                                   Courtesy of Gebreselassie K.