Teaching, Learning Technology and Training and Consultancy departments of ICT in collaboration with College of Health Sciences of Mekelle University has conducted e-learning training for 19 faculty from Institute of Biomedical Sciences. The training was conducted from February 13 to 17, 2017 at Mekelle University College of Health Sciences.

Facilitators for the training include Senay Bekele, Ataklti Teklehaymanot and Abraha Yeibio from ICT Directorate of Mekelle University.

This session offered faculty hands-on training on online course development, MOOCs(Massive Open Online Courses), as well as Open Educational Resources(OERs). Feedback from participants’ evaluation indicated that participants had appreciated the importance of e-learning and would use the knowledge gained to train students. To facilitate more many people benefits from e-Learning, successive training should be given to faculty who did not benefit from this training.


Faculties During the Training



Mekelle University eLearning Plateform: http://www.mu.edu.et/elearning/   


Massachusetts Institute of Technology  Open Course Ware:  https://ocw.mit.edu


edx as MOOC (Massive Open Online Course):https://www.edx.org/



An international data analysis workshop on Coronal Mass Ejection and Solar Radio bursts is underway at Mitiku Haile Hall, Main Campus, Mekelle University, from 20 – 25 Feb., 2017.


Prof. Nat Gopalswamy, from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, USA

The workshop was opened by the welcoming speech of Dr. Habtu Alemayehu, Dean of the College of Computational and Natural Sciences, who welcomed and briefed the participants on the endeavors of his college towards the development of science in general and space science in particular.


MU’s Vice President for Academics, Dr. Abdulkadir Kedir, making an opening speech

MU’s Vice President for Academics, Dr. Abdulkadir Kedir, then made an opening speech accentuating the commitment of the top management of the university to support and build on the outputs of such international workshops. A Keynote speech was then made by Prof. Nat Gopalswamy, from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, USA, who highlighted the importance of ground based observations that can be effectively combined with the coronagraph data from space missions. Another keynote speech was also made by Dr. Kelali Adhana, a Director at the East African Regional Office of Astronomy for Development (ROAD), who called for innovation and development in space industry in Africa and particularly emphasizing on the need to unlock the deep-seated knowledge in Ethiopian monasteries and ancient churches in relation to Astrology and Space Science.


Dr. Habtu Alemayehu, Dean of the College of Computational and Natural Sciences, making a welcoming speech

Issues like Solar Radio Astronomy, Studies on Sun using Dynamic Spectrograph, Catalog of Dynamic Spectra, Geomagnetic Storms and their influences on Magnetosphere and Ionosphere Regions, Ionospheric irregularities over Bahir Dar, Ethiopia during selected geomagnetic storms, the SOHO/LASCO CME Catalog and web-based analysis tools, Statistical Relationship between Solar flares and CMEs, Radio physics of the Sun, Radio Observations of CMEs and associated phenomena, and Hierarchical Relationship of pure DH, m-DH and DH-km type II bursts using the kinematic properties of the associated CMEs are presented and discussed in the first two days of the workshop.


Dr. Gebregiorgis Abraha, The Head of the Department of Physics, introducing the proceedings of the workshop

It will then be followed by the training of participants, Masters and PhD students, young postdocs and staff involved in hosting e-CALLISTO network and other international participants form a number of developing countries which host one or more CALLISTO radio instruments, in the last four days of the workshop.


Participants of the International Workshop

Mekelle University (MU) is carrying out a research project in collaboration with the Colorado State University (CSU) on “Building Geospatial Networks for Mapping Infrastructure, Land-use and Water Resources in Mekelle, Ethiopia” as part of the Secondary Cities (2C) project; for Mapping Secondary Cities for Resiliency, Human Security and Emergency Preparedness. Mekelle University is the first University in Africa to be part of the Secondary Cities project, which is funded by the US state Department.


As part of this project, a training workshop was conducted from Feb. 06-17, 2017 at Mekelle University. Mekelle University (I-GEOS, Institute of Climate and Society, Department of Land Resource Management and Environmental Protection, Department of Animal, Rangeland, and Wildlife Sciences, Department of Heritage Conservation, Department of Anthropoliogy, and ICT) and partners including Relief Society of Tigray (REST), and Mekelle City Water Supply and Sewerage Authority took part in the training workshop. More than 30 trainees were participating on the training which was focusing mainly on the GIS and RS; basics and applications.


During the last day of the workshop a seminar was presented by Dr. Melinda Laituri and Mr. Brian Woodward. Mr. Woodward presented a research project entitled “Application of NASA Earth Observations in Ethiopia” where he showed the use of Earth Observation Images for the derivation of drought indices in the central highlands of Ethiopia. Dr. Laituri also presented “Secondary Cities: Mapping Water Resources in Mekelle” to discuss on the objectives of Secondary cities, with some focus on the Quality Control and Quality Assurances for geospatial data.


During the same event, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between MU and CSU by Dr. Kindeya Gebrehiwot and Dr. John Moore. During the signing ceremony Dr. Kindeya and Dr. Moore indicated the commitment of their institutions to forward the collaboration further. Finally, a certificate was handed over to all participants by Dr. Amanda West, Dr. Tewodros Wakie and Mr. Brian Woodward.


Through the Secondary Cities Project, MU and partner institutions received Handheld GPS, High resolution satellite imagery, Landsat and Sentinel-2 satellite imageries, and internal modem for the satellite download center.


Finally the representatives from CSU visited the Monona tree, the first office of the MU, and the Italian Cemetery located at the main campus.

As part of the silver jubilee celebrations of Mekelle University, the founding academic and administrative staff members of MU’s college of Business and Economics were given recognition awards in an event that took place at Theatre Hall, Adihaki Campus on the 18th of Feb., 2017.


Awardees taking their certificate of regonition and a 5000 Birr GERD bond from the President

16 academic and 63 administrative staff members of the college, who were there during the foundation of the then Mekelle Business College 25 years ago, were awarded with a 5000 Birr bond of the Great Renaissance Dam and a certificate of recognition.


Paricipants of the recognition program

In the event, Dr. Kindeya Gebrehiwot, the President of Mekelle University, applauded the awardees for their longer services in the university and noted that the recognition awards should mean more commitment and endeavor towards the university’s mission.


Department of Cooperative studies taking winners cup from Dr. Abdelkadir Kedir, V/President for Aademics

He also pointed out that similar recognition programs will be held at university level when the silver jubilee celebrations will be concluded in May.  


During the event, an award ceremony for ‘the Best Department of the Semester’ of the College of Business and Economics was also held and the Department of Cooperative Studies won the award. Dr Abdelkadir kedir, Vice-president for Academics, gave the winner’s cup to the representative of the Department of Cooperatives.

Mekelle University's Kesatie Legesse(PhD) has become FASU (Federation of Africa University Sports) Sub Committee memeber as of the 1st of January, 2017. In a letter of appointment received from the President of FASU, Dr. Malumbete Ralethe, Dr. Kesatie Legesse will serve as a member of the Committee for Education and Development of University Sports ( CEDUS) of FASU until March, 2019.

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Dr. Kesatie is currently the vice president of Ethiopian Public Universities Sport Association and is serving in the university as a Director of Student Services. Dr. Kesatie did his doctoral degree in Sports Psychology and is an academic staff in the Department of Sports Sciences, Mekelle University. He has been working in the university for more than a couple of decades at different levels.


It is to be noted that Mekelle University will host the 9th African Universities Sports Festival in July, 2018.