Mekelle University College of Dryland Agriculture and Natural Resource Management organized an international curriculum review workshop on Msc. program in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation on October 26, 2018 at Mekelle University.

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Dr. Kidane Gidey, Dean of the College of Dryland Agriculture and Natural Resource Management, on his opening speech he mention the objectives of the PG curriculum review workshop and he underlined the need of conservation to protect the wildlife ecology in the region and beyond. He also outlined the wide range of natural and anthropogenic impacts that the region has been constantly subjected including the effects of climate change that affecting food security and water resources cycle, deforestation, population pressure, and other disaster on wildlife ecology of the country at large and the region in particular, requiring an immediate intervention said the dean.  

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On the day, the first seminar on “Ethiopian’s unique Birdlife and some challenges for further research” host by the German Ornithologist from Bonn University. From this seminar the scientific knowledge Ethiopian Birds has been shared, and open discussions about future partnership in research and education has been held.

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Following the presentation of the curriculum, internal and external reviewers forward comments suggestions and areas for improvement.

Finally, Professor Mitiku Haile thanked to the participants for their comments and suggestions and said that these are necessary inputs to improve the curriculum.