The Mentoring and Gender Office of IPS, MU, have held a half day orientation program on mentoriship to volunteer mentor teachers and students of MU to provide tutorial program to some slected schools around the city.


The mentoring program of the 2018/2019 is aimed to provide academic support for 30 selected schools (21 primary and 7 comprehensive secondary schools) around the city. Students with low academic performance from these public schools will be the primary beneficiaries.

The event was organized in two different venues of Mekelle University campuses. The first venue (MIT Campus in Aynalem) hosted around 300 hundred mentors. On the occasion, a welcome speech was delivered by the focal person of the Mentoring and Gender Office of IPS, MU. Following that, a detailed presentation about the objectives, procedures and expectations of the program was delivered to mentors by a senior staff member. Side by side to that, a similar presentation was carried out by other staff members of IPS on the second venue in the main campus in EiT-M hall. Around 150 mentors have shown up on the occasion. The orientation program in both venues was a success in terms of the huge turnout of mentors and the effective discussion that followed the orientation. Though the registration of volunteer mentors was opened last week, 645 junior and senior students have shown their interest till now.


The program is one of the various community services that MU has been and still is involved in around Mekelle city and its vicinities.