College of Natural and computational Science gender office organizes a half day training workshop on awareness creation about reproduction and Sexual transmitting diseases. The workshop has been held on December 22, 2018 at LTH hall, MU, and thus female students of the college and other partners have taken part in the occasion.

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Dr.Mengestie Robso, HIV/AIDS Head, on his opening speech, he addresses that such training is important to create a healthy generation; it is a great tool in knowing and learning about reproductive health issues and sexually transmitted diseases. Hence, he call the community and the participants to actively engage in discussion, and sharing ideas from each other to acquire the necessary information about reproductive and sexual transmitting diseases so we will create wider awareness about the issue.

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According the organizer, w/ro Tsehaynesh W/Gebriel, gender focal person of the CNCS, the purpose of this training is to create awareness on the current and future impacts of transmitting diseases like HIV/AIDS and its consequences. And she added female students are the most vulnerable by those diseases for the mere reason that female students have limited awareness and financial need. Therefore, in order to protect our students our office organized such kind of stage, said w/ro Tsehaynesh.


The training was given by Ato Yonatan G/Meskel from Student Clinic Mekelle University. He presents about reproduction and sexual transmitting diseases: and how the students protect themselves from those harmful diseases, what are the control mechanisms, and he highlights about the current statistics of HIV in our country.

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Afterwards, the students have raised some questions and gave suggestions from which, and necessary explanations haave been given by the organizers.

At the end, Dr. Habtu Alemayhu, Dean of CNCS, said that such kind of event is important for the fact that it will have significance in creating awareness and protect our students from the aforementioned diseases. He then extends his gratitude to the organizers of the workshop.

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