Forum on ‘Revitalization Geez Language for bridging Ancient and Future Civilization’ has been held at the monthly Ayder Englightment Forum (AEF), Ayder Campus, on December 07, 2018,

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As a guest speaker, Memhir Rezene, lecturer and researcher of Geez Language at St.Frumentius Theological College, Mekelle, has presented about the unexploited wisdom and knowledge that Geez, as language and literature, has to advance our understanding and knowledge towards the contemporary and future phenomenon of Ethiopia including civilizations. Accordingly, Mr. Rezene share his scholastic view on issues such as the definition of Geez as indigenous language, the role of Geez Language to Ethiopian unity and identity, and the paramount significance of Geez Language to the development of other Ethiopian languages especially for Tigrigna and Amharic.

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According to Mr. Rezen, Geez language is the fundamental instrument to unlock and discover the indigenous knowledge and wisdom we have it from our ancestries. Moreover, beyond its language use Geez is the mysterious instrument which we have not yet overused it to obtain traditional science of medicine, technology, history, religion, philosophy and our ancient civilizations that might have helped in enhancing human life. Correspondingly, Geez has been also our flagship to build our unity and identity as an Ethiopian, said Memhir Rezen. In this regard, he assertively refutes to the claim that some of Ethiopian Language such as Oromifa and Somali are driven and adopted from other countries. In his clarification against this claim, Memehir Rezene provide some lived evidence to show how Geez language is widely embedded in these language. So, ‘The role of Geez language to build our identity and to stand united as a nation was immense ‘said Memhir Rezene.

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Afterwards, warm discussions that entertained various views on the issue have taken place on the forum. During the occasion, academia community and other invited guests have attended. To this end, Dr. Amanuel, Chief Executive Director of Ayder Comprehensive Specialized Hospital addresses the aim of the forum plausibly and he extend his gratitude to the invited speaker, the organizers and the participants.    

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