1 The 7th annual joint medical education conference was successfully conducted from May 26 to 29/2019 at the college of health sciences, Mekelle University. About 20 topics have been presented and discussed in the conference and the topics were:

1.      Meaning and Medical Care Understanding the Placebo Response

2.      Interstitial brachytherapy

3.      Respiratory failure

4.      The fetal origins of kidney disease reflections on maternal nutrition

5.      The HINARI Project How to access the Medical Literature

6.      How to set up a research laboratory

7.      Radiation therapy in the management of breast cancer

8.      Principles and practice of mechanical ventilation

9.      What is the “Science” of Physical therapy?

10.  The global burden of kidney disease

11.  An update on the urinary microbiome

12.  Physical therapy approaches to pelvic organ prolapse

13.  Challenges and opportunities for innovation in the treatment of pelvic organ prolapse in Ethiopia

14.  New Paradigms in understanding problems of the post-menopausal bladder

15.  Outcomes of traditional versus suspension augmented procedures for pelvic organ prolapse in Ethiopia

16.  Management of obstetric fistulas

17.  The future of urogynecolgy in Ethiopia What is next?

18.  The Mitrofanoff procedure with and without urinary diversion in complex obstetric fistulas

19.  Body, Mind, and Brain in the Doctor-Patient Relationship

20.  Women in Medicine conference and panel discussion presented by the Women Scientists from Washington University in St. Louis. A group visit to the Mariam Seba Sanitary Products Factory, Mekelle was also part of the program. The forum has been organized for the seven times sponsored by the World Wide Fistula Fund in Honor of Leonard A. Wall, MD, and Mekelle University, College of Health Sciences. It had multiple advantages for the staff of our college in sharing experience.

  Highlights June 3 2019 1

2 Ayder Enlightenment Forum of this month was held on the topic; Compassion, Respect, and Justice: Foundations for the Global Practice of Medicine, on Friday, May 31, 2019, by Prof. Lewis Wall. Prof. Lewis shared his experience on the mentioned topic in detail, and finally, he reflected on comments and questions raised by the participants. 

Highlights June 3 2019 2

 3 Thank you program was organized for participants of the dignity period project. The project is about five years when it starts and helping students, especially in rural areas. It provides Modes, awareness creation materials and educational programs almost in all woredas of Tigray and Afar regions.

During the program including Chief Executive Director (CED) of the College of Health Science, Mekelle University, Professor Lewis Wall and the delegated Dignity team from the US, Mr. Shewaye Belay, Head of the Dignity Period Project, founder and owner of Maryam Seba Sanitary products factory, Ms. Freweini Mebrahtu, and representative for the college of health sciences and staff of the project has participated.

All delegates have pointed out without the strong involvement and collaboration of all stakeholders the program will not be functional and continue in this way. Finally, participants have shared their filed experience for the audience and thank you certificate was given for those who contributed to succeed the dignity project. 

 4 The team training program, TTP of the college of health sciences, Mekelle university is undergoing in seven sites of Tigray region; Maychew, Mekoni, Korem, Alamata, Wukro, Abi-Adi, and Mekelle. The target of the program is to increase the community health care awareness and develop the graduate students an exercise within the community. The program has been done by a team of diverse health professionals; like medicine, pharmacy, nursing, midwifery, psychiatry, public health, etc. 

The pillar activities planned to be done by the team include statics, outreaches, and mini-projects which can help to disseminate the health information for the community. The target study areas include schools, hotels, prisons, pharmacies, and households of the selected site.

The Abi Adi team have presented their action plan and activities doing in practice and received comments and recommendations by the supervisors of the college of health sciences, Mekelle University. 

Highlights June 3 2019 4

  5 A training on immediate new born care and standardized care in NICU for faculty members, Ayder Comprehensive Specialised Hospital, ACSH clinical staff and from four affiliate hospitals in collaboration with Holistic ProAfrica and Department of Midwifery college of health sciences from May 21- 28, 2019 .

Highlights June 3 2019 2 1

6 Sr. Anne, a member and one of the active heads of SHARE, an NGO based in the UK got an award from the Queen of the UK. The award is given for the support they provided to Ayder Comprehensive Specialised Hospital for more than a decade. In the name of the Ayder hospital and Mekelle University, we are very happy and congratulations to you and your team .

Highlights June 3 2019 2 2

 7 Refreshment training for health professionals. Refreshment training on the prevention and control of Rheumatic Fever and Rheumatic Heart Disease, (RHD) was given to representatives of hospitals, health care centers and health extension workers of Wukro, Kilte Awlaelo, and Atsibi.

A pilot study is undergoing for almost one year in those areas by Mekelle University, Tigray Reginal Health Bureau and a Germany partner called Etiopia Witten (Prev RHD program). The training was given by senior physicians, Dr. Abraha Hailu and Dr. Hagazi Tesfay from the college of health sciences, Ayder specialized hospital, Mekelle University. Updated facts on the Rheumatic Fever and Rheumatic Heart Disease and activities have done in the last year in schools, health sectors, and in the community of the target areas was also part of the report presented. They also recommend to own everyone the program and work strongly for the purpose of the community.

The aim of the training was to prevent and promote the awareness of the health professionals as well the community in the pilot areas and expand to the other parts of the region. During the training, Dr. Hagos Godefay, Head of the Tigray Reginal Health Bureau emphasized that the non-communicable disease like Rheumatic Fever and Rheumatic Heart Disease is currently a challenge in the community and awareness creating should be done at the grassroots level. He also stated the referral system, documentation and feedback should be strengthened and given attention. Supports related to the capacity building will be given for the health experts .

Highlights June 3 2019 3 1

 8 Closing workshop of Kangaroo Mother Care, KMC implementation research implemented for the last three years for neonates born under 2000gm. It was implemented in three study areas of 33 health institutions; Mekelle, Deguatenben and Enderta site areas. Besides capacity building for health professionals and facilitating the health institutions was also part of the implementation research. The research is done by Mekelle University and Tigray regional health bureau in collaboration with the world health organization.

In the closing program higher officials of Tigray, regional health bureau and college of health sciences Mekelle University and other stakeholders have participated .

Highlights June 3 2019 3 2