The 2nd Grand Conference of GSTS "Quo Vadis Tigrai?', 28th July-1st August 2019, is undergoing at MU with a theme of towards Building Sustainable and Knowledge Based Economy and Society in Tigrai..

confere4 july 2011

In thisgrand conference more than 2000 Tigrean scholars from all over the world are being discussing over 14 thematic areas which are identified as Strategic proposals for action. It is to recalled that the first grand conference had been held on 2018 to bring all Tigrean scholars together and to create platforms as form of for research based discussion and act for their implementations.

confere2 july 2011

This grand conference is being held at MU in collaboration with Tigray Regional State, Mekelle University, Adigrat University, Aksum University, and Raya University. 

confere3 july 2011

confere1 july 2011