MU hosts the 13th African Small Mammal Symposium that will take place from September 16 to September 21, 2019.  The Symposium is organized by Institute of Vertebrate Biology of CAS and Mekelle University. 


 13th African Sm Mam Sympo2

The African Small Mammal Symposia organized every four years since 2003 and has been held regularly in tropical Africa. The aim of the meeting is to promote communication among researchers and students, who are interested in various aspects of biology of African small mammals. According to the organizers the meeting will bring about some of the research findings on Rodent to human viral transmission, endemic Rodent species in Ethiopia, Rodent damage on farm products, and others.

13th African Sm Mam Sympo313th African Sm Mam Sympo4

 13th African Sm Mam Sympo513th African Sm Mam Sympo6

Over hundred participants from twenty five different countries take part in the Symposium.